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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Give Us This Day

..our Daily Show.

Only the briefest of entries today--and only to say that the existence of The Daily Show proves that, if there is a God, or an absolute Truth, the only way to get close to either is with a sense of humor. What's increasingly, frustratingly unfunny about the show is that it is becoming the only source of anti-propoganda on the air. We can all carp about Fox News (and we should--the claim that the multi-national media conglomerates that own most of the newspapers and TV stations have somehow collectively decided to produce a collectively 'liberal bias' is just...oh, sometimes you just can't sigh heavily enough, really. Put another way--if the executive producers of MSNBC, CNN, et al. thought that by disemboweling ACLU members live, every hour on the hour, they could pick up a half-a-share point, they'd do it. Without taking so much as a second to think it over), but the fact is ALL TV news--all print news, too--follows the lock-step of conventional wisdom (i.e. 'middle-brow group-think') because actually doing a little fact-checking here or there to test the veracity of public statements would be--well, hard. Really, really HARD. So it's up to the folks at Comedy Central--the jesters of the media court, the only ones allowed to tell the truth about the King--to find the clips that show the bald-faced mendacity of the folks we put into office. And they do it for a laugh. Good for them. Shame on us, for having to fall back on a joke to remember that they're actually not supposed to lie to us...


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