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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And the Black Fog Rolls in Again

What the f***ing f***?!?! I mean, will nothing put this depression into remission??? I finished the quarter with my usual teacherly aplomb, I got all my grading done in smoothly efficient time, I've got at least seven interviews scheduled for the MLA convention (sigh--I have to go to Washington in the dead of winter--but still, seven!), and, yet, somehow, I'm convinced that Life Sucks, I'm Worthless, and There's No Point To Any Of It. The advantage to having experienced depression before is that I recognize such thoughts as the products of a disorder, and not an objective reality, but still--come on, brain!!! We're supposed to be working together on this, right?!?!? Stupid serotonin levels. Damn them and such...


Blogger phd me said...

Out, out, damn spot! sigh Sorry to hear the fog has returned. If depression was rational enough to respond to the good things in life, it wouldn't be so inherently evil. Obviously, I'm not qualified to make any suggestions toward good mental health, but I can wish you luck in the latest campaign.

And, as I mentioned in my blog comments (for some reason...why did I write a comment to YOU on MY blog?), congrats on the multiple job intervews. Despite fluctuating serotonin levels, you're still doing good stuff, and your upcoming interviews are proof of such. Hold on to that.

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