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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Trickle Begins

I've received my third request for more application materials as of this morning; it's still relatively early in the process, so who knows what the future may hold? But there is now enough of a pattern to call it a a trickle--three is the magic number, as we all remember from our youths misspent watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Speaking of which, quick digression--there was much debate several years back, when the term "Generation X" was coined by a mediocre novel of the same name--Douglas Coupland may go down into literary obscurity, but he will die knowing that he coined a phrase that can join "the Lost Generation," "the Beat Generation," and "those worthless f***ing ex-hippie Baby Boomers, some of whome stayed loony and others of whom became Soulless Yuppies, and proceeded to ruin everyone's life from both the left and the right of the culture" in the popular lexicon--anyway--my digressionary point is, there was some debate as to the 'cut offs' of age in determining who constituted a member of Generation X--I proposed and considered trying to get enacted into legislation a simple acid test--an infallible means of knowing whether or not you're a member of this miserable, irony-laden, belief-sapped Generation--Ready? Here's the test, there is no time limit:

Recite, out loud, the Preamble to the U.S. Consititution. "We, the people..." and all that.

Done? Now:

Did you sing it? Could you not help reciting it by automatically singing it to the tune jammed into your brain by the Schoolhouse Rock jingle? If you did, congratulations, you are among the damned.

See? Easy test.

Now. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, it looks as if a few schools have shown some interest. My hopes are not yet up, nor will be until I get interview calls. Then my blood-pressure starts to climb into the quadruple digits and the jack-hammer headaches set in...So stay tuned.


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