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John Dryden, Dramatist, Critic, Poet Laureate, and my ancestor, frequented a coffee house called Will's almost daily, where he would hold forth on sundry subjects with great wit and aplomb. Same deal here, only without the wit or aplomb.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

More Laziness

In lieu of a post today, please read the semi-substantial response I made to a comment on my April 1st b*tch-and-moan-fest about my depression returning (still there, by the way, but less so.) On the cheering side, I walked into my classroom to teach my first section yesterday, only to discover that over half of my students were former students, who'd gone out of their way to follow me this term. Kind of nice to know that somebody thinks I'm doing a good job. (And no, it's not because I'm an easy grader, wiseacres. Quite the contrary, really.) Anyhoo, read the response; it's short but trivial...


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