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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


My cold goes away, and my depression comes back. If I'd know that was going to be the trade-off, I'd've stuck with the cold. At the drugs for that are fun and inebriating. Sigh. I hate my stupid, stupid brain and its misfiring neurotransmitters. Bastards. Anyway--

More on WASPs later. For right now, let me say this about Harriet Miers:


Did you get that? Let me say it again:


That's really all there is to be said, isn't there? Far as I can tell, she got the nomination because, well, she's a lawyer and George Bush likes her. Those seem to be her primary qualifications. As to what kind of Justice she'll be, I think her record speaks for itself, and it says, in no uncertain terms:


If I weren't depressed already, I'm given daily reasons to rest my head against the keyboard and quietly pray for a gas leak under the house to take the pain away.


Blogger Screaming Viking said...

Dude. (or) Sir.

How can you be depressed? Bush is making the same mistakes his daddy made step by step. He just pissed off his BASE with this nomination. SWEET!

He sat at his desk looking at all the documents that had been assembled for him on which candidates he should consider, he had trouble reading them (what with all them big words), he looked up and saw Hattie sitting there and the little Christmas light bulb that passes for his brain went on above his pointy head.

He picked a buddy (did someone say crony?) and someone his far right wasn't expecting. They don't like to be surprised you know. Bush had said he wanted a Thomas/Scalia type (which, granted, Miers could turn out to be, but let's not worry about that just yet) and when he didn't deliver that, his base (or at least their spokesmodels Limbaugh, Hannity, etc) started bitchin' and moanin'. They're pissed at Dubya! Throw in the Katrina relief screw-ups, the DeLay indictments, the Abramoff fiasco, Plamegate and America's ever-escalating dissatisfaction with Iraq and you've got a recipe for happiness for sane people. Lord knows the Democrats couldn't take Bush down, nice to see he's doing it for them.

Now if the Democrats could just get a clue or a leader or a cogent message or... sigh... okay, now I'm depressed.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Yr. Hmbl. & Obdt. said...

Upon further reflection, I wonder if Miers isn't the judicial equivalent of a clay pigeon. She's so obviously unqualified that one wonders whether she's been thrown up in order to be shot down, at which point--having denied the president his first pick--the committee will have exhausted its power and will have to take whomever gets thrown at them next. Such would be my guess if, say, Rove or someone smart is behind this.

The other possibility, one that causes me to smile with bemused irritation, is that Bush is finally, *finally* showing in the plainest, most undeniable of terms that he just doesn't understand what he's supposed to be doing as president. That he does not understand the job at all. At all. He's not 'stupid,' he's not 'corrupt,' he's not 'incompetent'--well, OK, he *is* incompetent--he's just completely and utterly unable to fathom the requirements of the job. He doesn't understand what *his* job is, and he doesn't understand what *her* job will be if she gets the nod--which I wouldn't bet on just yet. He really is like one of those inbred idiot kings you used to get in the Medieval era, whom everyone had to bow and scrape to, but who couldn't do more than play with a wooden horsey and drool.

And Democrats? Feh. Can't do anything with 'em--when Barbara Boxer is the feistiest of the bunch, you know you're dealing with a party on the verge of collapse. The problem with the Democratic agenda is that it's complicated, multi-focused, and therefore both confusing and boring. It can't "sell." Clinton ran and won on a "Bush sucks" and "You want a hug?" ticket. Best the Dems could do is find someone cuddly at this point, and that they seem unable to do...

6:44 PM  
Blogger Screaming Viking said...

Yes, Rove is smart. (He must know a lot, that Grand Jury wants to talk to him *again*!) But his administration has never been the type to feign a loss (a clay pigeon as you say) in order to get a win later. Their arrogance won't allow it. They're just not that subtle.

Incidentally, my favorite Rovian conspiracy theory from about 8 months ago (when they were rolling), was that Cheney would step down due to health concerns, Bush gets to appoint a new VP, and then that person (Frist, Santorum, whoever the annointed is) gets a few years of VP experience so when he runs for President, he's almost like an incumbant. Yeah, I could see Dick sacrificing himself for the team on his own, but Hattie being put down by George just doesn't make sense to me.

AND I think she'll get confirmed.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She will get confirmed because Rove, et al., will break heads if she doesn't. But on to more important things: I think let's NOT pray for a gas leak under the house, shall we?


8:05 PM  

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