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Monday, January 16, 2006

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Frankly, I've little excuse or motivation to blog today--I've just spent the better part of the past four days pursuing la dolce far niente and rather enjoying doing so. How niente, you ask? Pretty close to total--I mean, I didn't even read trash fiction, which is something I tend to do even while in a persistent vegetative state, so there you go. Of course, on two of the previous three days, I've had ("had"?! "been fortunate enough") to be taken out for staggeringly expensive meals: Pacific Dining Car (a tradition among the men in my immediate family is that we ring in the New Year by a lunch-visit thereto--no women allowed, it's strictly a 'guy thing'), and Moonshadows, overlooking the surf in Malibu. Much vodka/gin (depending on whether I'm ordering gimlets--vodka--or martinis--gin) and wine was consumed--hell, I had port at the end of both meals, as well as desserts that contained the word 'souffle' (though one was 'souffle cake,' which to me is like 'eggless omelet,' but whatever, it was good.) Point being, a lot of sleeping in the next day was called for--I've never understood the phrase "I feel liverish" before, but as I'm entering my later 30s, I'm starting to. So dozing and TV/DVD watching has been the order of the 3-day weekend (and what better way to celebrate the legacy of a man of boundless energy and political activity than to spend the day commemorating him doing f***-all, I ask you?)

Still, I have to abandon my hedonistic ways. I'm getting lazy, both mentally and physically, and my latest physical exam produced warning signs that I can't ignore, given my family history. So, I rather suspect that this weekend was my last hurrah for a bit, and that from hereon in I have to actually shop for food that's good for me, and exercise before I eat it, and read challenging works of criticism and classical philosophy/history rather than, as my mother puts it, "studying the inside of my eyelids for a few hours." Sigh. I know I'll feel better for having swapped over to clean living, but torpor is just so...seductive. Ah, the Deadly Sin of Sloth. There's so much to be said for it. No wonder I didn't want to blog today.


Blogger phd me said...

Ummm, sloth. You know, I was never a napper until the last year or two. Always considered it a waste of valuable time. Now I get my best sleep on the sofa in three hour increments.

Random observation: never had port. Suppose I'm missing out on something there.

9:09 PM  

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