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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well, what kind of a know-nothing, knee-jerk blogger would I be if I didn't write to A. decry the witch-hunt spurred on by the cabal of the liberal media and the 'Democrat' party or B. cheer the fall of what I hope will be the first of many dominoes.

But really, who gives a rip? Yeah, yeah, it's nice he's going down, but so what? It's not as if anything will shake Bush out of office. It's not as if the conservative agenda won't continue to be the only game in town--they've still got a lock on the three branches, folks! Democrats are in no position to make any trouble for Bush or his cronies--they're the minority party, and midterm elections are too far off for a scandal at this point to do them any good at the polls. So guess what? It doesn't matter. Bush can get approval ratings into the negatives, and nobody will say 'boo' about it. "The Culture of Life" will continue to march onward. Libby can do hard time in a cell with a muscle-bound guy who treats him like--well, like a pasty white guy in federal prison--and it won't change the fact that the percentage of Americans who believe in evolution is a staggeringly depressing minority. Our religious beliefs are becoming simplistic and fanatical--we're becoming the enemy we're supposed to be fighting overseas. Libby going away won't stop that. Delay goes away? Someone, equally vile, will rise to take his place. I don't mean to get apocalyptic, folks, but we may be past the point of recovery on this. The press is spineless--or worse, owned by people who prefer things the way they're presented by the government--and we know this, and it really does seem to be OK with us. Politicians are caught in lies--caught, mind you--and it doesn't seem to bother us. Katrina leaves the hospitalized to drown in their beds, and we shake our heads a moment, then move on--why hold anyone accountable?

Libby's indictment won't change any of this.

Sorry. I just can't join the celebration. Iraq is and will continue to be a f***ing, endless mess. The tax cuts will continue. Poverty will go up, and social services will be slashed. Natural disasters will continue to be met with lethargic indifference. Things will continue to get worse and worse for more and more. And we can't have another revolution, because out country's too big, and we're too outgunned by the military. Actually, I guess I do mean to get apocalyptic. But I'll lighten up next time, I promise...


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