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Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Brief Note

It occurs to me, regarding this flap--"flap"? no, they're setting buildings on fire all over the world--it's defnitely moved into the "total f***ing nightmare" category--over the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed, that one good thing has come out of it. The culture of Islam--well, at least the mouthy, loud-voiced part of the culture, which is the only part of the culture we ever hear from, since the sane, rational part of the culture is invariably, contemptably silent whenever atrocities are committed in said culture's name (though the same can be said about Christianity and its fundamentalist blowhards, which just goes to prove that the bulk of humanity may be quiet and sane, but they're also laconic to the point of sin, or just out-and-out snivelling cowards, but I digress)--the culture of Islam has had, as one of its main 'talking points,' for as long as--well, for as long as it was created in the 7th century, near as I can tell--that the West is corrupt, degenerate, sinful, loathsome, etc. Which may well be true, but thanks to this debacle, we have a comeback: "Maybe, but at least we're f***ing grown-ups--you a**holes are throwing a murderous temper tantrum over a freaking set of cartoons!!!" Seriously, I say this to the Muslims of the world who go home at night with flecked spittle caked on their mouths and soot on their clothes--you guys are an embarassment to your religion, your culture, and if you think Mohammed isn't looking down and weeping that the world perceives his message through you guys, you're delusion the point of earning a toxic mixture of scorn and sympathy. So, thank you--for so long, the U.S. has been the Prick of the Planet--you guys are not only taking the heat off, but causing our detractors to scratch their heads and say, "You know, maybe those Americans have a point--these people are f***ing nuts." Nice job, guys. Now go accuse one of the Teletubbies of promoting the gay agenda. Oh wait, that's been done.


Blogger phd me said...

I saw the latest great bumper sticker yesterday: I was born okay the first time. Didn't make me want to firebomb the car. Then again, I am in no way devout or true believing. Perhaps this speaks to the great divide between civilizations more than any other.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I know that as thinking, reasonable, tolerant, compassionate people we each have a responsibility to ameliorate the effects of the crazies on either end of the spectrum, and at the same time to consider the validity of their arguments seriously before exposing them as idiots and frauds. But seriously, I've learned the hard way from my own family and my own in-laws that it really does no good to argue with the right wing. Can you blame people for keeping silent just so they can go home and have dinner?

9:13 AM  

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