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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Better Today, But...

The black fog has turned to gray--which actually matches the weather at the moment, so I feel in sync with the world--very eurythmic of me, no? Anyway, since I'm still down a bit, I'm feeling uncreative, so in lieu of originality, a meme borrowed from phd.me (http://probablyedandme.blogspot.com/):

Accent: Well, of course I can't detect it, but I assume I've got a bit of the elongated, flattened vowels of the Southern Californian--but basically, I sound like everyone on television, since we're all from SoCal.

Booze: In moderation. Wine with dinner if someone else is buying or I'm celebrating something. Calvados on a late afternoon with tea. Either a martini (gin) or a gimlet (vodka) pre-dinner. That's about it.

Chore I hate: Dusting/Vacuuming. Seriously, anyone who enjoys these activities should not be allowed to vote or drive a motor vehicle.

Dog or cat: Cat--though if I could have a dog, I probably would.

Essential electronics: Desktop, Xbox (though I'm trying to wean myself)...that's about it.

Favorite cologne: Ha! Trick question, right? None, of course. Though if that Axe stuff did what the commercials imply...

Gold or silver: Silver

Hometown: Los Angeles. Go ahead and sneer--we don't care, because you're all just jealous. (Or so we tell ourselves so we can continue to live vapid lives focused around our looks and our gaudy material possessions.)

Insomnia: Very rarely, and usually an after-effect from napping, so I've got no one else to blame.

Job title: Lecturer.

Kids: None, alas. I'd go into more detail, but I've blogged about it recently and set off an old-fashioned (though highly articulate) flame-war by doing so.

Living arrangements: A cozy if unfinished garret in a large house owned by an incredibly charitable friend who lets me live here dirt cheap, largely--I think--because I feed his cats and bring the mail and garbage pails in.

Most admirable trait: Oh, God. OK, if *your* life is falling apart and *you're* in a state of crisis and you need someone to come in and rescue you and know exactly what to do and what to say, I'm your man. I am The Fixer. Now, if I could just transfer those skills onto my *own* life.

Number of sexual partners: At present, or over the course of my life? None to the former, and as for the second, well, few. Kind of a serial monogamist, so I can count my sexual partners on one partially maimed hand...

Overnight hospital stays: I believe I had to stay over one night after my birth. Apart from that, none. (Knocking wood with vehemence...)

Phobias: Used to be driving--got over that, though. Rats freak me out, but I can be in the same room with white ones in cages. Nothing too severe--which isn't to say that I'm brave.

Quote: "Be of use." John Irving, The Cider House Rules

Religion: Culturally, Episcopalian--very High Church. Practically, um--well, I know a lot of Christmas carols!

Siblings: Younger brother. Much taller and more successful than I am, the bastard.

Time I wake up: Without an alarm clock, 9:30. On the dot. Every time. I am a cyborg, clearly.

Unusual talent or skill: I can juggle, does that count?

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Refuse? Um. Artichokes (had a bad, bad, bad experience with one, once--plus, it never called the next day) and green peppers.

Worst habit: Sloth.

X-rays: Teeth, right arm

Yummy foods I make: Ah, see, here's where I'm a magician. There's this device where all I have to do is punch a few buttons, and then, poof!, pizza appears right at the front door! Beat that!

Zodiac sign: Capricorn. Just like Jesus, with whom I've so much in common.


Anonymous Katie said...

I'm deeply offended and hurt by your lack of appreciation for the vacuum. It is a bit tedious in terms of cleaning chores, but the carpet looks so lovely afterward! It's my favorite part! And they let me drive, vote and do scientific research. So there.

I'd probably just stop reading altogether (because of my outrage and all), but if you were being serious about your juggling ability...perhaps I'll give you one more chance. I find that strangely charming.

And what is the deal with green peppers?! They show up for many people on this particular set of questions, and I find them a pretty inoffensive vegetable. Poor green peppers.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Beatrice said...

"Just like Jesus, with whom I've so much in common."

Hey, it sounds like you're getting laid approximately as often. It's a start. Soon you, too, will be turning water into wine--or at least transforming two-buck Chuck into a wine that doesn't taste like household cleaner.

9:09 AM  
Blogger ArticulateDad said...

You know, Dryden, if LA were my hometown, I'd be deathly afraid of driving too, for many reasons, not the least of which are those god-awful highway entrances and off-ramps on the 1. I mean, what's with the 87 degree angles and all, and 60 miles per hour, no less?

I do recall arriving by plane in LA for the first time, at the end of February 1987. I was moving (that was it... what I could carry with me on a plane) from Detroit to Los Angeles. I was wearing a sheepskin jacket, no lie, and sweating like a... I don't, a sheep? That night, some friends took me to a piano concert downtown, and I just couldn't get over the fact that after a rain, the streets of L.A. smelled like... jasmine (which was in bloom) rather than urine (which New York always smelled like after the rain).

I don't know why I related that. But... I haven't said anything here in a while, and it seemed like a good time for a rejoinder.

10:14 PM  

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