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Monday, May 29, 2006

Tired. Again.

Back from three days at Berkeley, the daylight hours of which were spent grading endless reams of college entrance placement essays...and spent shaking my head to clear the hum of cliches, bathos, and ignorance from my head--and these were the kids who got into the UC system, mind you--when our civilization falls, and it will, historians will cite as one of the subtle but key causes of its collapse the shift from the ideal of "Everyone should have the chance to attend college" to the expectation that "Everyone should attend college." Because no, no, we shouldn't. We really, really shouldn't, not all of us.

But more of this another time. Tired. Bleary-eyed and brain-blanked. And then there's the subject of what I did with my nights in Berkeley. (Hint: it made up for the days, and then some...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The undergraduate teaching mandate for UC is, and has been for years, the top 12.5% of the graduating high school seniors of California, isn't it? So it's a little concerning if these kids are a comment on the best we're graduating from high school. Having said that, if we were to go back and look over things we wrote then, wouldn't we see some cliches and bathos?


7:42 PM  
Blogger ArticulateDad said...

I'm with you there. I think we, as a society, too often mistake the defense of the possible with defense of the actual, forcing opportunity rather than allowing it. It's like parents on an overlong car trip maniacally repeating: Are we having fun yet? Somehow, the necessity of it cheapens it all.

12:24 PM  

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