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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just Poking My Head Out

We may or may not be starting up again. Not to be a tease, but I don't want to make promises and then not deliver. Massive changes have occurred in the life of your humble narrator in the several-month-interim, probably too many to note in the space of a single entry. Briefly:

1. I was interviewed, by phone and then in person, for a Visiting Professorship at a small Midwestern liberal arts college, located near a major city, making it all but ideal for my professional needs/wants.

2. I was offered said job. They liked me, they really really liked me! (Also, said professorship is quite likely to become tenure-track; fingers crossed on that. In the meanwhile, though, I have an actual income, which I quite enjoy.)

3. I accepted said job, and now write to you from my very own office, at my very own departmentally assigned computer, having started teaching just this very morning (and EIGHT A.-F***ING-M.!!!)

4. I moved (needless to say) cross country, from sunny SoCal, taking in tow two cats and a few of my more precious belongings. The rest were loaded into a trailer truck that a moving service assured me would arrive the day after I did.

5. The moving service lied. I am without My Stuff. No books. No TV. No DVDs. Nothing. Well, not nothing. Thank God I kept my computer and my...um...well, mostly just my computer. I've had to spend a revolting amount of money on necessities. And an air mattress. The moving people assure me that My Stuff will arrive tomorrow night. I continue to suspect them of perfidy, however.

6. I'm loving the Midwest. The people here are frighteningly pleasant. The first question I get asked by everyone--and I mean everyone--is "Is there something I can help you with?" To which my jade response is a step back and a slit-eyed look of "What do you want...?" But no, the Stepford wives would bow their robotic heads in shame at this place. Niceness abounds. I am, however, dreading the winter, which I know will kick the living s*** out of me.

So--new job, new town, new life. Alone, but not hating it. Stuff-less, but surviving. I get to teach courses and texts I design and choose, including one on Shakespeare, which is a tonic to my tired soul. And I have both a coffee-maker and a bread-maker, so my mornings are bliss. Apart from the "Eight A.-F***ing-M." thing.

Such is my state. Will there be updates? Qui peut dire? Stay tuned. Or not...

Author's Addendum: OK, I caught this item in a local paper, and I may have to alter everything I've thought or just said about the Midwest:


David Lynch is right about America. Underneath it all, we are one seriously f***ed up nation...


Blogger phd me said...

And he's back! And happy. With bread and coffee and Shakespeare. Sounds like life is good.

And let I add, I agree with every point made in #6 - what does it say about us that we're taken aback by the niceness?

1:00 PM  
Blogger Flavia said...

I'm so glad you're back! I'll hope that you remain back, for a while, and that life continues to be as good as it is now.

I, too, am in a location where I 'spect the winter will destroy me. Courage.

(Oh, yes, and it's been a while--you may know this particular blogger under her pre-Witness Protection name, La Lecturess)

7:13 PM  

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