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Friday, September 08, 2006

One Complaint

About my new job, before I rush off to teach Shakespeare and love my life for 50 minutes, and it's this: my office--and indeed, the entire building in which my office is located--is f***ing FREEZING. You could store meat in this place--I realize that the Midwest summers are brutally humid and hot (and I'm in the basement, so presumably the chill is worst down here), and so they have to give the air conditioner a good workout 24/7, but I'm having to bundle up and rub my hands together if I'm here more than half-an-hour. COLLLLLLLLD...But I'm still too green to complain. Maybe when I get tenure...


Anonymous Katie said...

Bright side? They likely (being delightful Midwestern folks) are just trying to prepare you for the winter that is to come. Are they also dimming the lights and offering massive amounts of fried food? If so, it's definitely hibernation prep. Bring an extra sweater and try to enjoy it.

Congratulations (many times over) on the job and being happy and teaching Shakespeare! That's delightful.

The 8AM thing, I'll admit, is tough to be cheerful about. After a great deal of reflection, I've decided that you're going to get so much done because you're up and busy so early! Yay for productivity! (Keep repeating it - perhaps eventually you'll start to believe it. Even in those winter days where it's barely light outside when you're leaving to teach. Good times - really.)

You don't have stuff? At least you hired movers. And now you can't be defined by your possessions. Both good things.

I don't own a bread machine. And I miss winters terribly. So if the thought of me wrinkling my nose in jealousy helps at all, there you go. Stupid mild winters - it's just not right! If I didn't get to spend Christmas with my parents (in the cold), I'm not sure I'd retain any sanity at all.

Above all, welcome back! Since you're too new to complain to your new friends at work, feel free to complain to us! And bring a sweater - you don't want to get sick. Hard to find a bright side about being sick. :)

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