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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Should Add...

...in regards to my recent jeremiad regarding dating, that I have serious personal concerns about pursuing this activity. The last time I went on a 'getting to know you' date--the last time I went out with someone I wasn't already dating by virtue of prior intimate friendship, in short--the woman in question wound up doing Skinemax soft-core porn. I wish I were kidding; I'm not. Now, I'm not saying that the experience of going out with me that one time was enough to drive this woman into this, shall we say, dark little cul-de-sac of a profession. But on our date she waxed eloquent about her acting ambitions, and told me how she dreamed of playing roles like Lady Macbeth and Madame Ranevskya, and after that evening, she's doing stuff like Sensual Visions of Erotic Nightscenes II and whatnot. There's probably no connection, but can I afford to take that chance? I think not.


Blogger phd me said...

Oh, wiping tears of laughter from my eyes. Not to giggle at your pain, but lord, that's funny.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I feel confident that this unlikely-but-amusing conjecture on your part could be spun in a more positive light.

That being said, though, perhaps you might avoid such calamities by dating women who are happily established in stable careers?

12:20 PM  

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